Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Bigg Boss 7 - 2nd October 2013 Episode

Bigg Boss Saath 7 2nd October 2013 episode has the housemates continuing the luxury budget task. As per the task the hell mates are infected by a really bad virus and heaven mates are the doctors treating them. These tasks make the Bigg Boss 7 episodes even more enjoyable and interesting. And at times the fights among the housemates are because of these tasks also. And 2 October 2013 Bigg Boss Season 7 episode will also witness one such petty fight which is related to the luxury task only.

In Bigg Boss 7- 2/10/2013 episode as per the task the infected patients in hellmates are not supposed to touch the doctors or they will be infected. And the heaven mates are taking full care that no hell mate touch them even while giving food to them.

But Andy gets an opportunity and without wasting it he takes advantage of it and infects Gauhar. Actually Gauhar and Andy are having a conversation on a serious issue when all of a sudden Andy touched Gauhar infecting her. Gauhar was not expecting this so was not sitting conscious and thus got infected. But she is not taking it sportingly and started off on Andy.

Does this small argument changes into a fight that is for you to see don't miss Bigg Boss Season 7 - 2 October 2013 episode.

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