Thursday, 3 October 2013

Bigg Boss Saath 7 - 3rd October 2013 Episode

Bigg Boss Season 7 - 3 October 2013 episode has a major twist waiting for the audience and housemates. The twist is going to be shocking for the housemates as it is that part of the week that Heaven mates hate and that is called "tabadla" or in other words switching of places between heaven and hell mates. As it has been seen in past Bigg Boss 7 episodes that every week two or more contestants have to swap their places in hell and heaven. While the one leaving the hell is happy the heaven mate is definitely not happy. 3 October 2013 Bigg Boss 7 episode is also going to have arguments as the both the sides decide who are the contestants to be named. And the Tabdla is going to shock everyone both the hellmates and heaven mates. Read on to know who are the ones swapping places.
Bigg boss 7 - 3rd Oct 2013 episode has one contestant from Hell and Heaven being called. And given the task of discussing with other housemates on their respective sides name of one who performed the luxury budget task well and another name of that person who didn't perform well. But like last week everyone on both the sides have the right to join the discussion and give the name.

3 October 2013 Bigg Boss Season 7 episode is going to shock them all and not just the inmates but the audience as well. The entire heaven side will be coming to hell and hell mates except Ellie would be going to the heaven side. Ellie will be left alone because her name is taken as the one who has performed the least in the task.

But above all it is a major twist for all the inmates as heaven mates are not at all happy doing this and hell mates are stunned by the happy news. Finally all of them will get to see heaven side as well. Shilpa amongst the heaven side is the happiest as she has been named as best performer of heaven and thats why she will stay back in heaven to reunite with her husband.

Hellmates transferred to heaven will be enjoying each bit of their first day taking a dip in the pool. All their hardwork and tortures in luxury task have been paid well.

Bigg Boss Season 7 episodes have spiced up majorly due to this tabadla scenario as no one wants to go to hell and everyone in hell wants to come to heaven. And deciding on this issue always an argument breaks out. Last time it was reason for argument in a never ending tiff between Kamya and Gauhar. And Andy's sudden name also came as a shock to him.

This time Bigg Boss has something different going on in his mind. The Bigg Boss episodes are known for this only. The contestants try to play calculatedly thinking that they understand what are the intentions of Bigg Boss when suddenly Bigg Boss brings up a twist shocking them all. 

Bigg Boss Saath 7 - 3 Oct 2013 is such only with a major twist which is beyond the strategies planned by the housemates. It is not always possible that the name the housemates on both sides give will have to swap places it can be different also. Could be possible that most of the heaven mates are sent to hell and vice-versa. Watch Bigg Boss 7 3rd October 2013 episode to see what actually happens.

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