Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Bigg Boss Saath 7 24th september 2013 Episode

Bigg Boss Season 7 - 24 September 2013 episode brings in a new task for the housemates. The hell mates have to keep a track of the time that is keep record of each and every second and each and every minute. Thats going to be a tedious job not as easy as it looks. And heaven mates are also given a task and that is of disturbing the hell mates performing their task well. Bigg Boss 7 episodes can't go without challenges and fights so is this one. We see a heated arguement in this Bigg Boss Saath 7 episode.
Bigg Boss 7 24th sep 2013 episode has hell mates keeping track of time and after every one hour they have to get it checked also by the warden who would tell them that they are working properly or not. And they are able to perform it well though they are continously being distracted by their heaven mates but still they keep up.

Infact the in order to disturb them the heaven mates make so much noise that Rajat, who is feeling not so good feels disturbed and asks them to make less noise.

24 sep 2013 Bigg Boss Saath 7 episode's most interseting point is the heated arguement. Bigg Boss episodes are loved for all these arguemnets, fights and gossip. And the audience don't have to wait longer as they start soon enough. Tanisha and Andy get into an arguement and all this over the household chores that Captain Tanisha has ordered Andy to do.

Tanisha notices Andy exercising and not performing the work assigned to him. Andy doesn't takes this and an arguement breaks between the two. Tanisha and andy both raise their voices. A silent war has been going on between the two ever since Tanisha was selected as the Captain in place of Andy. Andy has things for her since then and Tanisha's dominating behaviour is worsening things more.

Looks like things are changing between Andy and Tanisha, so don't miss it watch Bigg Boss Saath 7 - 24 September 2013 episode.

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