Thursday, 3 October 2013

Bigg Boss Saath 7 - 5th October 2013 Episode

Bigg Boss Season 7 - 5 October 2013 episode is the weekend episode and as we all know weekend episode means weekend Ka WoW with Salman Khan. Salman Khan goes into the Bigg Boss house to meet the housemates and tell the decision of the audience as to whom the audience have evicted this week. Bigg Boss 7 episodes have seen two exits till now, Hazel and Rajat Rawail. Another eviction from Bigg Boss 7 house in 5th October 2013 Bigg Boss 7 episode. And that eviction was that of Anita Advani.
Bigg Boss 7 - 5th Oct 2013 episode has 5 contestants out of which one will be evicted in this episode. So is it going to Gauhar Khan, VJ Andy, Anita, Elli Evram or the new comer Asif. The eviction as usual is decided by audience vote. And like always Salman Khan is not revealing the name that easily he keeps on the suspense till the end and that too in an amazing manner.

After a mixed kind journey with mostly having a calm stay and not getting into arguements Anita Advani made her way out of the Bigg Boss house. I think most of the viewers were already seeing Anita's eviction this week. The simple reason behind this thinking is that Anita is a lesser known face out of those who are inside so she has not much fan following voting her to stay inside.

Another thing is that Bigg Boss 7 episodes' viewers want entertainment and spice for which this reality show is known for and in absence of this viewers don't feel like voting to that person. And thus Anita Advani was out. 

Salman Khan came as usual looking dashing as ever and as he announces the results in a tricky way he carried on the tradition in this episode as well. 

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