Friday, 13 September 2013

Bigg Boss Saath 7 First Epiosde premieres on 15th September

Bigg Boss Season 7 epiosdes will soon start on Colors TV and this soon is on 15th September 2013. Bigg Boss 7 episode 1 is going to have 14 contestants inside the house cut off from rest of the World. And all these contestants would be revealed in the first episode itself. Salman Khan and the makers of Bigg Boss Saath 7 episodes are quite excited about the start and gave the details that this season is going to be different as it is based on the unique concept heaven and hell.

Bigg Boss 7 promos had been doing the rounds for quite sometime now showing the angelic and devilish sides. The concept basically is that like in real world we have angelic and devilish side in every single person similarly the Bigg Boss Saath 7 episodes will show these two sides of the contestants. And the fun doesn't ends here only the one showing the angelic side will be rewarded and the one showing the devilish side will be punished. Now that sounds interesting.

The fun and excitement of Bigg Boss Season 7 episodes has more to it which includes several other twists coming as the season progresses which is loved by the audience. Bigg Boss show has been loved by audience and this season is also expected to do the same.

Salman Khan will be hosting the show as prior seasons and audience will be able to view him two days a week as usual. But the main craving among the audience is about the contestants as not a single name is out. That means Bigg Boss Season 7 15th September 2013 is going to unveil the celebrities who are going to stay inside the Bigg Boss house for 104 days. This can't be missed so better watch Bigg Boss Saath 7 Episode 1.

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