Monday, 16 September 2013

Qubool Hai 20th september 2013 Episode

Qubool Hai Episodes are being watched very keenly since few days as the promos doing the rounds on Zee TV are showing some major twist coming in the story. And if the anticipation of the audience are correct then the twist is going to chnage the entire story of the show. As per the promos it is being anticiapted that Zoya and Asad's marriage won't be happening while that is just a part of the twist the other part is that instead of Asad Zoya will be getting married to Ayaan, Asad's brother. As per the reports all this has already been shot and will be part of Qubool Hai 20 September 2013 episode.

Qubool Hai 20-9-2013 episode is going to be crucial for all Qubool Hai episodes' fans. The fans have been long awaiting Zoya and Asad to get married. Earlier it was Tanveer who had created problems and stopped their marriage and it is being said that this time also she is one of the reasons of all this mess. 

We had seen that Asad and Zoya are about to get married and Ayaan and Humiera are going to announce their marriage on their wedding day. But all this is going to get disturbed with this shocking twist in the story.

Qubool Hai episodes this week will have the plot showing Ayaan and Humiera going to Najma and Imran's wedding when they are attacked and to escape from him both of them shelter in Moti Masjid. On the other hand escaping from Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta) Zoya also hides in Moti Masjid. There is a community wedding is taking place at Moti Masjid what happens next is for you to see. So don't just miss better watch Qubool Hai episodes.

The audience of Qubool Hai episodes are shocked with this twist coming and are against this twist. But whether this twist actually comes or not is for you to see as this will be shown in Qubool Hai episodes this week.

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