Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Comedy Nights with Kapil 18th January 2014 Episode

Comedy Nights with Kapil 18 Jan 2014 episode has Tiger Khan this time. First time on Comedy Nights with Kapil episodes, Salman Khan will be coming to promote his upcoming movie "Jai Ho". He will not be there alone but will be welcomed by his brother Sohail Khan, who is also producer of the movie and Daisy Shah, the main lead of the movie who is doing her debut with this movie.

18 January 2014 Comedy Nights with Kapil episode will be full of fun and laughter as always. And Salman Khan fans can't miss this one showing Salman's funny side and him going crazy laughing. Kapil's show makes everyone rolling in laughs. Salman Khan is not able to control seeing Palak aka Kiku in the show dancing on Katrina's song Mashallah and rolls off from his seat.

He tries his best to get himself saved from Kapil's Dadi's kiss which is given to all the malew actors visiting the show. But he manages and gets a kiss just on his hands. Sohail tries his best to save his brother from this. Dadi made Salman dance with her on Munni Badnam and Dabang song.

The most remarkable moment of the show was when Salman Khan tries out wearing a diaper. This act left everyone laughing be it Sohail, audience, Kapil or dadi.

Basically everybody had a blast in this Comedy Nights with Kapil episode. Jai Ho movie will be releasing soon on 24th January 2014. All the Salman Khan fans can't afford to miss this particular episode.

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