Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Comedy Nights with Kapil 17th November 2013 Episode

Comedy Nights with Kapil 17 Nov 2013 episode will welcome the media shy Sunny Deol. The 57 year old actor will be coming to Comedy Nights with kapil episodes for promotion of his upcoming movie "Singh Sahab the Great". Though Sunny is not very comfortable in publising his movies or talking about it still this time he is following the trend and promoting it.

In Comedy Nights with kapil 17 November 2013 episode Sunny not only enjoyed the humor bombs of Kapil but showed his funny side as well. Sunny's humorous side is revealed in this episode. Like most of the celebrity guests he also had a fun time on the show. But like other celebrities he won't be shaking his leg as we all know that Sunny is not that good in dancing and is not very happy showing his dancing moves on shows.

Sunny's movie "Singh Sahab the Great" is a Anil Sharma movie in which he plays an IAS who fights against corruption. Sunny rarely goes for promotions but this time he made his appearance on Bigg Boss also and now on Comedy Nights with Kapil and CID.

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