Thursday, 25 July 2013

Bigg Boss 7 Coming Soon with Salman Khan in two avatars

Bigg Boss episodes are returning back to Colors TV with Bigg Boss Season 7. And once again dashing heartthrob Salman Khan will be hosting the show. Bigg Boss series is known for all the spice and drama added to this reality show and every year this drama and spice increases, adding more and more audience to its kitty. Bigg Boss Season 7 episodes also promise this only. This can be said after seeing the pictures of the promos of Bigg Boss Season 7 that are doing the rounds on the net. As per the pictures Bigg Boss 7 episodes will have Salman Khan in two avatars Angel and Devil.

Bigg Boss Season 7 promos that are doing the rounds show Salman Khan in two avatars one dressed in all white with white dressed ladies or what you call the apsaras. And second one shows him dressed in all black with devil’s weapon in the hand. One is angel and other is devil, the angel one will show “Wow of heaven” and the devil one will represent “Aow of the hell”. This gives the audience a hint that Bigg Boss 7 episodes will show us both heaven and hell together.
Salman Khan is one of the reasons for watching Bigg Boss show but other than this audience love this show for all the spicy entertainment and drama its contestants show. The promo increases the impatience of the fans of Bigg Boss who are eagerly waiting for Bigg Boss Season 7 to start. But there is still time for that and before that we will get news on Bigg Boss 7 contestants and the exact date when Bigg Boss Season 7 first episode will telecast. Look out for more on Bigg Boss Season 7.

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